Pirouette Circaouette

In 2013, CIRCa launched Pirouette Circaouette, a special event for young audience members in spring.

Organised in collaboration with local non-profit cultural organisations that also work with young audience members, Pirouette Circaouette is a chance for kids, families, educational and cultural bodies to gather for shows, workshops, films, exhibitions…

Pirouette Circaouette is a very special moment to strengthen the activities proposed to schools by programming shows during term-time and also a good opportunity for pupils to meet around the projects developed throughout the year.

You are very welcome at any age to share these cheerful moments that open a window on the world!

Pirouette Circaouette Public, ©CIRCa
Pirouette Circaouette Ateliers, ©CIRCa
Pirouette Circaouette Groupe, ©CIRCa
Pirouette Circaouette, ©CIRCa

... The programm of the 2021 edition is coming soon...