La Femme de trop -Cie Marcel et ses drôles de femmes ©S.Armengol
    (Dis)-cordes - Cie Sens Dessus Dessous ©Ian Grandjean

Supporting the creation process in contemporary circus

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Camille Charru – Production manager
05 62 61 65 82 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

patio vers appartements artistes circa

CIRCa, as a national hub for circus arts, devotes substantial means to supporting the creation process in all aspects of contemporary circus. .

Every year, about thirty artistic teams are hosted in Auch to create their future show. It can be either to write, work on techniques, do artistic or scenography researches, or even for the final stretch before the première. Artists come in residence at different stages of their artistic project.

The Circus Innovation and Research Centre is an ideal place that offers working spaces, on site accommodation and catering.

CIRCa also co-produces some of the shows.

Artists in residence outlets: discover the creation process

How CIRCa supports circus creation

Residential programmes and co-production

CIRCa is willing to support circus creation nation-wide and on a European scale.

CIRCa does not have a specific framework for the artists in residential programme, but studies and seeks with each company the appropriate conditions.

Thus, CIRCa is able to:

  • Co-produce
  • Provide working spaces to companies (the theatre, the centre Cuzin, the CIRC, a ground for companies to put up their own big top…)
  • Support the cost of accommodation and catering for the artists in residence,
  • Give a logistic support (equipment and staff available, promoting the show within professional networks, communication…)
  • Programme and purchase shows

For companies who would like to benefit from CIRCa's support, please contact Camille Charru, Production Manager at CIRCa, by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled.

CIRCa is committed to promote the under-big-top projects and artists who want to come in residence or participate at the Nomades programme (residence all over the territory). To select artists in residence, a first short list is done under artistic criteria, then priority is given to big circus teams requesting to stay for at least two or three weeks.

Additionally, CIRCa is committed to supporting one or two projects of local professional companies of any performing arts, on a yearly basis.

Following up emerging talents

CIRCa is also committed on an on-going basis to support emerging talented circus artists and help them create their show, and with production work if necessary.

This support complements the incubator for circus arts run by La Grainerie and the Lido.

With the aim of shaping the circus sector, CIRCa follows up the progression of artists from the incubator for circus arts of Grainerie and offers support in terms of co-production and/or help for public relations. Projects are selected to strengthen the career of the artists and to reinforce the collaboration between organisations.

Facilitating high visibility

Supporting the creation process by facilitating high visibility to programmers, partners, institutional bodies and any person or organisation likely to follow up on the project.

The Festival of Contemporary Circus, at the end of October in Auch, is a key event for the professionals who want to discover the latest circus productions. Professional meetings, presentation of circus productions to come, discovering work of future artists (students of circus schools from all over the world)… These many opportunities facilitate high visibility and encourage meetings.

In addition to the Festival of Contemporary Circus in Auch, from 2007 to 2017, CIRCa organised in collaboration with the Lido and La Grainerie with the support of the County Council, Toulouse City Council and Grand Auch Agglomération (local council) the most important circus showcase in France during Avignon Festival: “Occitanie fait son cirque en Avignon”. This event is now organised by La Verrerie, national hub for circus, in Alès.

This showcase is a great success. Other French and European regions also take part. The high attendance of hundreds of professionals and institutional bodies give to shows a great visibility and help them to tour.

Dis Cordes, Cie Sens Dessus Dessous ©Ian Grandjean
Impact, Cie Rêve², ©Ian Grandjean
La Femme De Trop, Cie Marcel Et Ses Drôles De Femmes, ©Ian Grandjean
La Femme De Trop, Cie Marcel Et Ses Drôles De Femmes, ©Ian Grandjean
Le Cabaret Perdu, ©Ian Grandjean

Co-produced projects these last three years


Screws - Alexander Vantournhout
Saison de cirque - Cirque Aïtal
Low cost paradise - Cirque Pardi
Résiste - Les filles du renard pâle
Clinamen show - Groupe Bekkrell
Here - Lali Ayguadé Company
Fractales - Cie Libertivore
NU - Circ'ombelico
(V)îvre - Cheptel Aleikoum
And Now - La main harmonique
Monstro - Collectif sous le Manteau
Me, Mother - Cirque, Scène et Maternité
Appuie-toi sur moi - Cirquons Flex
Willy Wolf - La Contrebande
Des gens qui dansent - Naïf Production
Midnight sun – Oktobre
La chose - Le Jardin des délices
Dans ton cœur - AKOREACRO



Les hauts plateaux - Cie MPTA
Je me souviens le ciel est loin la terre aussi - Cie 111
FIQ! - Groupe acrobatique de Tanger
Elle/s - L'Envolée cirque
Avant la nuit d'après – Equinote
Désidérata - Cie Cabas
ZOOG - Amir et Hemda
080 - Cie HMG
Ibidem - Cie OBRA
Résiste - Les Filles du Renard Pâle
Le merveilleux du désordre - Point fixe



PANDAX - Cirque la Cie
Comme le vent vient à l’oreille - Surnatural Orchestra
Allant vers - Cie Kiroul
Les flyings - Cie Happés - Mélissa Von Vépy
No rest for Lady Dragon - Cie L'Indécente
Le Puits - Cie Jupon
A nos vertiges – Emma Verbeke et Corentin Diana en compagnonnage avec la Cie MPTA
VRAI - Cie Sacékripa
Ogre - La June Cie
The end is nigh! - La Barque Acide
Presque parfait ou le paradis perdu - Pré-O-Coupé - Nikolaus
(V)îvre - Cheptel Aleikoum
Le lac des cygnes - L'Eolienne
Lia Rodrigues - Théâtre Garonne


Photos by Ian Grandjean.

Cirque Aital, Saison de cirque © Ian Grandjean
Le Jardin Des Delices, La chose © Ian Grandjean
Compagnie Cabas, Desiderata © Ian Grandjean
Cie Equinote, Avant la nuit d'après © Ian Grandjean
L'Eolienne, Le lac des cygnes © Ian Grandjean
Emma Verbeke et Corentin Diana (MPTA), A nos Vertiges © Ian Grandjean