Volunteering at CIRCa
Being a part of it, in a more humane way

CIRCa does not forget the commitment of its volunteers, who have enabled the Festival to exist from the very beginning of its rich history.

Today, CIRCa is still partly carried by volunteers.

Nearly 200 volunteers take part in the organisation of the CIRCa Festival. They also lend their support by ushering audiences into the shows of the cultural season or helping with other activities (welcoming groups, schools…) It is a way to share similar values and live a strong and humane experience.

We wish to encourage and develop a strong relationship with volunteers not only during the Festival for our logistical needs but also throughout the year to share this project together. To give people from the community the opportunity to be part of such a project contributes to bringing us together.

For any enquiry :
Laure Baqué :+33562616505 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To become a volunteer during the Festival of Contemporary Circus