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Ah, com’è bello l’uomo

Cie Zenhir

Premiered 2017

In a circus tinged with humanity, using ladders, handstands and hand to hand acrobatics, Italian company Zehnir depicts the facets of a person and his never-ending quest to communicate. Rather than condemning, giving food for thought. Rather than shouting, existing. Rather than talking too much, performing in a circus. A duet plus one, a wobbly trio striving to advance intermittently in a world moving faster than humans.

Photos : Martina Caruso

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Ah, com’è bello l’uomo
is welcomed in the frame of CIRCUS ZONE, bilateral project of cultural cooperation between France and Italy in order to facilitate the circulation and distribution of shows on a European and international scale.
A project in collaboration with the cultural association Sarabanda, Genoa, Italy.


Authors and performers: Elena Bosco, Giulio Lanfranco, Flavio Cortese
Artistic collaborator and stage management: Albin Warette

Co-production: MagdaClan Circo, cooperativa C.I.T.A.
Co-production and residencies: FLIC scuola di circo
Residencies: Espace Catastrophe - centre international de création des arts du cirque, Bruxelles; La Grainerie, fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance, Balma; L’Estruch, fabrique de création à Sabadell; La Central del CIRC, Barcelone.
Partners: Chapitombolo. Laboratory Circus Next in Recife.

Getting here

SAT 26 OCT 2019 / 5:30 pm

SUN 27 OCT 2019 / 4:00 pm

Maison de Gascogne

19€ / 15€

from 12 years

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