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Appuie-toi sur moi

Cirquons Flex

Premiered 2019

In an octagonal ring with a Chinese pole in its center, the founding duo of Cirquons Flex company from Reunion Island propose a circus fairy tale in the form of a theatrical and physical confidence portraying an improbable encounter between two people.

We don’t really know who they are or where they come from. In an intimate performance, acrobatics, the physical and theatrical postures of their bodies resonate with storytelling, embarking the spectators in a subtle and imaginary journey in time and space.


Photos : Ian Grandjean, Simon Nguyen, Romain Philippon

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Authors: Virginie Le Flaouter, Gilles Cailleau, Vincent Maillot
Performers: Virginie Le Flaouter, Vincent Maillot
Director: Gilles Cailleau (Cie Attention Fragile)
Music design: Sébastien Huaulmé, Vincent Maillot
Lighting design: Christophe Bruyas
Choreography: Marion Brugial
Set design: Cirquons Flex / Endemik architecture
Bamboos / set design collaborator: Alain Cadivel
Production management: Sébastien Huaulmé
Lighting management: Julien Guenoux
Office and production management: Laure Denis
Touring management: Estelle Saintagne/ Acolytes

Production: Cirquons Flex
Co-production: Les Bambous, Saint-Benoit; CIRCa Pôle National Cirque Auch Gers Occitanie; Cité des Arts, Saint-Denis; Le Séchoir Pôle National Cirque (upcoming) Saint-Leu; Le Fourneau CNAREP Brest; Archaos Pôle National Cirque Marseille.
Residencies: Cité des Arts, Saint-Denis; Le Fourneau CNAREP Brest; CIRCa Pôle National Cirque Auch Gers Occitanie; Générik Vapeur à La Cité des Arts de la Rue Marseille; Le Kiosque Centre d’Action Culturelle de Mayenne Communauté.
Financial supports: Europe; DGCA Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication; DAC de La Réunion; Conseil Régional de la Réunion; Conseil Départemental de la Réunion; Ville de Saint Denis La Réunion, ADAMI.
The production Appuie-toi sur moi is co-financed by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - EAFRD, within a local residency programme in Salazie (Reunion Island).
The company is supported by DAC de La Réunion, Ministère de la culture et de la communication and la Ville de Saint-Denis.
Cirquons Flex is an associate company to Le Séchoir and La Cité des Arts.

Getting here

THU 24 OCT 2019 / 10:30 pm

FRI 25 OCT 2019 / 4:30 pm

SAT 26 OCT 2019 / 2:30 pm

Big top Parc de la Boubée / Garros

19€ / 15€

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