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Cie Jérôme Thomas

Premiered 2018

Jérôme Thomas presents a solo performance in which he reinvents his approach to the stage as an author and performer.

In combining juggling, speeches, humour, electro-futuristic sound effects, he meets the challenge of a solo performance with flashes of the maestria which have been the constant refrain of his juggling poetry for thirty-five years. Still exploring new paths, if he happens to lose his way, juggling serves him as a compass.

A true chronicle of an unrestrained artist.

Photos : Christophe Raynaud de Lage

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Author and performer: Jérôme Thomas
Director: Aline Reviriaud
Sound design: Gérald Chagnard
Choreography: Jive Faury and Jérôme Thomas
Costume design and props: Emmanuelle Grobet
Lighting design: Bernard Revel
Lighting management: Dominique Mercier-Balaz
Sound management: Etienne Arnaud  
Building: Daniel Doumergue, Dominique Mercier-Balaz, Frédéric Soria  
Production management: Agnès Célérier

Production: ARMO/ Cie Jérôme Thomas
Co-production: Cirque Jules Verne Pôle National Cirque et Rue d’Amiens with the support of Sirque Pôle National Cirque de Nexon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (residency), ARTDAM Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Acknowledgements: La Minoterie, scène conventionnée jeune public de Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Ville de Dijon.



Getting here

SUN 20 OCT 2019 / 10:30 pm

MON 21 OCT 2019 / 2:30 pm

TUE 22 OCT 2019 / 8:30 pm

Auditorium Mouzon

19€ / 15€

from 9 years

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