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Premiered 2019

Racine(s) results from the visual, physical and poetical research of Israeli circus artist Inbal Ben Haim, who is also a nomad, traveller and nature lover.

In constant motion, most of the time in the air, she questions the concept of integration.
In a duet with singer and musician David Amar, they propose a visual and musical poem of a raw and organic purity which reflects each human being’s vital issues: the Earth, roots, travel and identity.


Photos : Nathalie Sternalski

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Original idea, vertical rope composition, performer: Inbal Ben Haim
Music design and performer: David Amar
Author, artistic director: Jean Jacques Minazio
Set design: Domitille Martin and Raphaël Maulny
Lighting design: Alexandre Toscani
Production management: Raphaël Maulny
Stage management: Mathieu Minazio
Costume design: Sofia Benchérif
Production advisor: Johanna Autran

Production: L’Attraction
Co-production: Archaos Pôle National Cirque, CDN Théâtre National de Nice, Festival « Scène de Cirque » Ville de Puget-Théniers, Festival Rue(z) & Vous Ville de Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, Maison du Parc National et de la Vallée de Luz-Saint-Sauveur.
Residencies: École élémentaire de Puget-Théniers, CDN Théâtre National de Nice, Maison du Parc National et de la Vallée de Luz-Saint-Sauveur, Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque Région Sud - Piste d’Azur, Ville de Valbonne Sophia Antipolis.
Supports: Région Grand Est, Centre National des Arts du Cirque, Région Sud, Ville de Valbonne Sophia Antipolis.

Getting here

FRI 25 OCT 2019 / 10:30 pm

SAT 26 OCT 2019 / 10:30 pm

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from 7 years

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