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MagdaClan Circo

Premiered 2019

A Deity tells his story. Without success, he has spent centuries trying to make himself heard, beleaguered by the multitude of interpretations declaimed without respite. His only son who had inherited everything ended up being humiliated, tortured and executed. So, if God has come back today, it is to find the messenger of a new, more modern and accessible story. A quirky, humorous performance mixing new theories and old truths, orthodoxy and unexpected reinterpretations. A kind of postmodern sermon with interacting spectators and acrobatics!

Photos : Andrea Beretta

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SIC TRANSIT is welcomed in the frame of CIRCUS ZONE, bilateral project of cultural cooperation between France and Italy in order to facilitate the circulation and distribution of shows on a European and international scale.
A project in collaboration with the cultural association Sarabanda, Genoa, Italy.


Authors: Alessandro Maida, Giorgia Russo
Performers: Alessandro Maida
Artistic collaborator: Giorgio Bertolotti
Music design: Pino Basile
TV sound effects: Lorenzo Crivellari
Set design and building: Stefano Boccardo
Lighting design: Federico Canibus
Magician collaborator: Andrea Speranza

Production: MagdaClan Circo
Co-production: Mon Circo, Cie Circoncentrique, Veregra Street Festival, Dinamico Festival
Supports: Mibac, Circo All'incirca, Cirk Fantstik, Play

Getting here

SAT 26 OCT 2019 / 2:30 pm

SUN 27 OCT 2019 / 4:00 pm

Big top "up"- CIRC

19€ / 15€

50 mn
from 8 years

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