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Alexander Vantournhout

Premiered 2019

A bowling ball has one unique function. Knocking over as many pins as possible. Taken out of this usual context, where could this lead to? In Screws, Alexander Vantournhout’s latest production, relationships between bodies and objects are turned upside down.
Using hiking shoes with ice grips or bowling balls, the six dancers and acrobats guide the audience on a tour of micro performances reflecting each other, from short solos and duets to group choreographies.


Photos : Bart Grietens

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Choreography and circus direction: Alexander Vantournhout
Authors and performers: Petra Steindl, Josse De Broeck, Felix Zech, Hendrik van Maele, Alexander Vantournhout, Emmi Väisänen/ Axel Guérin
Dramaturgy: Sébastien Hendrickx
In-residency intellectual: Rudi Laermans
Assistant choreographer: Anneleen Keppens, Martin Kilvady
Costume design: Anne-catherine Kunz
Production management: Rinus Samyn
Lighting design: Tim Oelbrandt
Set design: Bert Van Dijck, Rinus Samyn, Tom Reynaerts, Tom Daniels
Building: Willy Cauwelier
Music design: Nils Frahm
Photographs: Bart Grietens
Company manager: Esther Maas
Touring management: Frans Brood Productions

Co-production: Vooruit Gent; MA, Montbéliard; PERPLX, Marke; CIRCa pôle national cirque, Auch.
Residencies: Vooruit, Gent; Platforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie/La Brêche à Cherbourg-Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf; Cultuurcentrum, Brugge; Wood Cube, Roeselare; Workspace, Brussels; MA, Montbéliard; CIRCa pôle national cirque, Auch.
Supports: La Communauté flamande
Production: NOT STANDING asbl
Acknowledgements: Lore Missine, Veerle Mans, Bauke Lievens, Maria Madeira, Lien Vanbossele, Monuments Nationaux de France and Simon Pons-Rotbardt.
Alexander Vantournhout is an in-residency artist to Vooruit 2017-2021, and an associate artist to PER-PLX.

Getting here

THU 24 OCT 2019 / 3:00 & 6:00 pm

FRI 25 OCT 2019 / 12:30 am & 3:00 pm

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19€ / 15€
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