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ESAC-TO / Le Lido

Premiered 2019

In a fracas of movement, this cabaret presenting the personal projects of artists in professional integration at the Lido École des arts du cirque de Toulouse Occitanie aims to invent what has not yet occured.
Of course, it’s a mess, a chaos full of poetry, of weird people and bustling bodies. And what is left? Maybe just being together in motion. Being led by a gesture, catching someone’s eye, an imprint which endures, a handful of glitter…


Photos : ©Christophe Trouilhet Photolosa



Performers: Simon Burnouf (juggling), Florencia Buzzo (acrobatics), Carla Carnerero Huertas (diabolo), Marcelo Ferreira Nunes (trapeze), Juliette Frenillot and Ayru Quispe Apaza (handstands and Washington trapeze), Emilia Gutierrez Epstein (rope), Joel Medina Maldonado (juggling), Steph Mouat (handstands), Mariano Rocco (aerial hoop), Maristella Tesio (aerial hoop), Marie Vanpoulle (tightwire).
Artistic collaborator: Benjamin De Matteis and Dominique Habouzit
Teaching coordinator: Aurélie Vincq

Getting here

FRI 18 OCT 2019 / 10:00 am (schol.)

FRI 18 OCT 2019 / 2:00 pm (schol.)

SUN 20 OCT 2019 / 10:30 pm

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