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Human (articulations II)

Centre national des arts du cirque

Repertoire reinterpretation 2019

Did you say humanity? By combining the circus arts and theatre, the words and the body, unclassifiable author-actor-director Christophe Huysman has invited the fourteen students of CNAC 32nd year’s promotion to reinterpret HUMAN (articulations), his extraordinary piece created in 2006 at Avignon Festival.

Mass information, lies, injustice, are the chosen themes for this tribute to those who are mistreated, humiliated. Those we have cheated, who can’t speak anymore, have nowhere to go. The tone is as humourous as it is cruel. Using a Chinese pole, beam and ladder, the circus artists call our attention to a concept in danger, that of the collective. A sparky, rejuvenating, corrosive performance.


Photos : Christophe Raynaud de Lage



Author and director: Christophe Huysman
Director assistant: Marie Seclet and William Valet
Set design: Gérard Fasoli
Voice teacher: Chantal Jannelle
Performers: The 14 students of CNAC 32nd year’s promotion: Tia Balacey, Guillaume Blanc, Andres Mateo Castelblanco Suarez, Aris Colangelo, Alberto Diaz Gutierrez, Pablo Fraile Ruiz, Marin Garnier, Cannelle Maire, Maria Jesus Penjean Puig, Mohamed Rarhib, Vassiliki Rossillion, Ricardo Serrao Mendes, Erwan Tarlet.
Lighting design: Eric Fassa
Building: Ernest Clennell / Show-Biz

Getting here

FRI 18 OCT 2019 / 2:00 am (scholastic)

SAT 19 OCT 2019 / 14h30

WED 23 OCT 2019 / 22h30

Auditorium Bernard Turin / CIRC


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