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Tipping Point

Ockham’s Razor

Created in 2015

Tipping Point, staged in the round, allows for an intimate connection between the artists and the audience who encircle them. With five metal poles, five performers create a compelling series of poetic phrases set against a backdrop of atmospheric shadows and hypnotic music. Tall and heavy, suspended from the ceiling or manipulated by the group, the poles become a giant seesaw, a tightrope to tip-toe across, a lever, a pendulum, an astonishing vertical climb and swinging obstacles. Clinging to this teetering world, the performers support each other as they wrestle with the moment when things begin to shift.
This isn’t circus aiming for shock and awe, it’s more about a sense of wonder as the artists adjust their relationship to each other, space and gravity. Spellbinding!



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Photos : Mark Dawson



Devised and directed by Charlotte Mooney and Tina Koch of Ockham’s Razor. Devised and performed by Alex Harvey, Telma Pinto, Steve Ryan, Emily Nicholl and Nich Galzin. Musical composition Adem Ilhan and Quinta. Equipment design Ockham’s Razor. Costume design Tina Bicat. Lighting design Phil Supple Ockham’s Razor produced by Turtle Key Arts presents Tipping Point. Co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival and The Lowry, Salford.

Direction et création : Mooney et Tina Koch de Ockham’s Razor. Par : Alex Harvey, Telma Pinto, Steve Ryan, Emily Nicholl et Nich Galzin. Musique : Adem Ilhan et Quinta. Décors : Ockham’s Razor. Costumes : Tina Bicat. Lumières : Phil Supple.

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SAT 21 OCT 2017 / 4:00pm

SUN 22 OCT 2017 / 2:30pm

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